September 14, 2011


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Sometimes things are better left unsaid, and prayers lifted up to God are a better solution.

August 21, 2011


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So glad to be off work for 3 days!

August 3, 2011


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First called Capital One and got everything straightened put, at least now my card isn’t being restricted. Then I got ready and put the kids in the truck, Marc hopped in and away we went.

Laguna Beach was beautiful. Spent the day relaxing on the Main Beach. Listening to the waves crashing on the shore. Took the kids down to the tide pools and let them explore and see the crabs, fish and sea anemones.

After leaving we grabbed a cupcake for Marc, Keil and James. Then we started for home.

Before arriving we stopped at Yogurtland and Molcasalsa.

August 1, 2011


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Oh and to tell me that you’re not going to the beach with me because of all of this is really childish on your part.   Shit happens!   Maybe it happened for a reason, maybe it didn’t.   But nonetheless shit still HAPPENS!

I didn’t mean to not enter all the numbers of the account, and no I wasn’t in a big hurry either.  I simply didn’t enter the last two digits for whatever reason.   Seriously.     Like I would do this intentionally.   But thank you for making me feel as incompetent as ever because I did.      I know…you never make mistakes.

Oh and the little comment you made about me at work is ridiculous too.    Im sorry, Im older and a bit more mature than you at times.   Yeah, I bust my ass and not to say you don’t at work would be stupid.   But since I am older and a bit more mature, I tend to keep my mouth shut when I should and not give the managers any crap back.   You haven’t learned that yet.  Maybe you’ll end up learning the hard way, and in the process lose your job and that will affect us all.    Yes, I am more admired.  There’s a reason for it.   I am not going to give my managers attitude should they throw me under the bus in front of everyone.  Which they shouldn’t do to begin with, but have a tendency to do especially when it comes to you.    You always feel as if everyone is out to get you… yet you do nothing on your part to show them that you can be more mature and quite possibly do the very things they’re asking you to do.    If they’re asking for Magical Moments they make them.   Don’t say, so and so pretty much told you you’re not worth giving more lead shifts to if you’re not creating them.   Make them happen and stop flipping whining about the fact that you have only 2 lead shifts a week, as opposed to my 5.       If I would have gone to Main Street, I might not have had the 5 lead shifts I currently carry on my back every week, but I would have shown them that I am worthy of them instead of sitting around being “Tricia’s husband.”  and feeling sorry for myself in the process.

You’re right, we’re going through a very rough time in our relationship at the moment.  Don’t quite know why, but I am sure that it has something to do with work.   I  on the other hand am having a hard time too, but if I accidentally start expressing myself in a pissy way all of a sudden I am in the hot seat and being blamed for everything under the sun.  You say you want to communicate, yet you can’t even do that with me.   So I just tend to shut down, and ignore you to not make it any worse or prolong an argument.   But I can tell you that your accusations toward me are winning you no brownie points at this point in this marriage.   I am tired, beat and emotionally/physically worn out and  I am having a hard time functioning at the moment.   You think your life is tough on the street.  Come do mine in the back and then you can give me your opinion.   The expectancy is higher and even greater for me.   Its either I do my job, or I start losing lead shifts.  And those lead shifts, mind you are the way we keep our heads above water.   So it’s on me.  And when I am hurting and aches and pains it would be nice if you could simply put your criticism on the back burner and realize that I am not 22 years old.  I am 47 with a body that is falling apart trying to make sure that the roof is over our head.   I thought for sure last week I was going to have a heart attack, but seriously do really understand what and how I am feeling?   I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and I do not need your unkind words.   I have a bad heart, and my asthma, and my legs are falling apart let alone the rest of me.  Its not just about you and your “you need to slow down.”   Maybe if something does happen to me, you will realize that I am a person to.   And the first and foremost thing in my mind is the kids and their well being.   That’s how and why I can get up after a three hour nap and go back to work for my next shift.

Its human nature to…

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Make an honest mistake.  However much you think i am not competent with inputting information you’re wrong.  I missed the last two digits of my checking account.  I may not have a capital one card tomorrow, and if that’s the case, maybe it’s for the better.  Thank goodness I haven’t charged up $$$ on it.   I simply made a mistake-hopefully, it can be fixed tomorrow.


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Excuuuuuuse me!

July 9, 2011

La La Land

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Our president is a JACKASS! I think we need to pull his income from him- then tax him to death.

July 6, 2011

The sister-in-law

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Just about drove me to the point where I just wanted to yell out loud ” Can you please shut the fuck up already?! Enough with your constant moaning and groaning about every little thing!” (she has this little mealy mouse voice that just makes you want to pull your hair out)

If Nick was there with me she would have told her the same thing.

I am so glad that she sat way on the other side of the row at the game. At least for 3 hours I had a break.

June 29, 2011

nothing much just sitting here reading about how…

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nothing much just sitting here reading about how to budget without going crazy. I’ll take a walk down this weeks memory lane. the truck went in for a simple tune-up, but of course, I knew it would be something more than that, and it was. The truck has been sitting at the mechanics since Monday. At first, they couldn’t figure out what that hissing was all about coming from the engine. When they finally did pinpoint it they found it to be a distributer cap was screwed up and not working properly, so another 460.00 + the fee of the rental car payment that I have had to pay. So much for our savings. …. off to my rant. Right when we were going to go pick it up, the mechanic called and informed us that there was another problem with it. The oil was backing up into the new engine we had replaced last summer. Thankfully at this point it isn’t coming out of our pocketbook! You see, the new engine we had put into our 94 Blazer last August was still under warranty thankfully! So all we are waiting on now is for a new engine to be delivered to Diego’s, for it to be placed into our truck and hopefully all things will be made well.

In the meantime, just out of idle curiosity I applied for an Auto loan this afternoon. I really have no idea if I will be approved or not, but just in case that I might want to, say maybe next year purchase a new car then I will know ahead of time or not if I can get approved or not.

And I got approved for a platinum Capital One card.

All this means is that…

I would really have to crack down on expenses going out. Some of the things I can’t avoid like preparing my children for their first day back to school, but most of it I can. I can avoid eating out as often as I do, and I can avoid frivolous spending. Not a million trips to Sephora! Seeing as though I have spent over 600.00 there in the past few months. It’s either going to be a want or a need kind of thing. My grandmother used to keep cash on hand, and if she didn’t have the money for something she wouldn’t buy it. I think that would be a difficult but good way to go especially if we both crack down and do it. One can’t give in to the other. Maybe an envelope system would be a good way to go.

June 25, 2011

Dear Hairy Guy at the next table..

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You’re so gay! Stop being such a douchebag and passing judgement on the women that work here. Believe me at this point you sound like a bitch!

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